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Welcome! My name is Bonnie. I’m a wife, mother, daughter and grandmother. I enjoy interior design, cooking, gardening and photography (even though I need much practice with my camera). This is my place to collect articles about things that are of interest to me, and I hope you will find them interesting, too.

I grew up in Virginia during the 1950s. My mother was a wonderful cook. She excelled in all things “homemaking” as did many of her peers. My father kept a large garden that supplied fresh vegetables (strawberries and butter beans were my favorites) all summer. My mother pickled cucumbers and canned many jars of tomatoes and green beans and other vegetables that we enjoyed throughout the winter months. I came by my interest in cooking and gardening honestly.

Savoring Simplicity is where I save bits and pieces of the things I enjoy – photos, recipes, tips.  If I had to characterize it, I’d say Savoring Simplicity is a scrapbook of sorts or a keepsake box. That’s it. Just as children collect rocks and coins and bugs in a shoebox, I collect photos of beautiful rooms that appeal to me, recipes that I hope will appeal to you, and common sense tips that most of us can use in a practical way.

Savoring Simplicity is evolving into a source, a collection of things that are beautiful, whimsical, healthful, or delicious, but most importantly, useful. This virtual shoebox already holds a variety of weird-and-wonderful scraps of information, and it will continue to grow over the coming months and years.

So, get comfortable, prop your feet up and stay a while.  Explore this place. Look under the rocks and around the corners. Whether it’s an idea for a holiday ornament, a list of the best store-bought pasta sauces, a recipe for pumpkin pie, a link to an interesting website or President Obama’s inauguration lunch menu (complete with recipes), I hope you find something you can use in your daily life.


Attention: Photos found on this site are intended for inspirational purposes only. I make every effort to link to the site of origin for each image. If you see an image to which you have the original rights, please contact me at the email address provided above, and I will link it to your site or remove it at your request.

You are welcome to use the images on Savoring Simplicity. A credit with a link back would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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  1. August 9, 2011 7:00 am

    Dear Bonnie, Hi! My name is Nor. it means light in Arabic but i have an english nickname, Fish, I am a 48 old housewife and I find your site very interesting. Maybe because I share your interest in keeping whatever is wonderful whether it is tangible or intangible. Thank you for sharing!

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