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Recently, I’ve been dreaming in neutrals.

March 22, 2011

I’ve rolled some bold colors on my walls over the years, but suddenly I’m tired of it. I want something more subtle. I find myself drawn to soft shades of beige. Beige, beige, beige, I tell you.

Do you remember that naughty joke from back in the day, before we all had caller ID? 

A woman receives an obscene phone call. The guy says, “What color panties are you wearing.” She tells him beige and he hangs up on her.

That’s how boring some people think beige is. Wonder what color his walls were?

Here are some neutral rooms, and they are anything but boring.

Make my day. Color me beige!


I’m always looking at fireplaces. Ours needs a makeover. The proportions are too small for the room.

~I like the black frames on the mirrors and the dark wood on the chairs. It keeps things from becoming monotonous. Beige does not have to be monotonous.


~I have a friend who has an antique table that is similar to the size and shape of this one. Her’s is a bit longer and narrower. When she asked about it’s possible use, she was told that it was probably a coffin table.

And here I thought red was so five minutes ago. Didn’t I hear that on HGTV? Still, there’s a lot that’s neutral in this room… and red. Um.

House Beautiful


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