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Nate Berkus’ Chicago and Milan Apartments

March 21, 2011

Nate Berkus Quote: “I really want people to figure out how to connect with their own spaces. You have to simplify things…”

Who doesn’t love the  (of-Oprah-fame) interior designer, Nate Berkus? Of course, his talent, easy-going manner and movie star good looks would have brought fame knocking on his door without Oprah’s help.

If you know anything about Nate Berkus, you know that he’s all about keeping it simple and elegant and adding a little of yourself to your home. Make it personal. What matters to you? What holds meaning for you? It has to be about what you love.

Nate has a NYC apartment that overlooks the Hudson, but I found some photos of his Chicago apartment which has a view of Lake Michigan. The apartment is in a vintage 1929 building. I think you’ll agree that it’s masculine, elegant and beautiful. Nate used 90 percent vintage and antique pieces. He never decorates a home with all new things, and his philosophy embraces frequenting flea markets and garage sales when decorating your home – a man after my own heart.


Dining Room~

Living Room


Living Room







TV Room


TV Room~

Bedroom ~



Nate decorated the apartment in Milan that he shares with accessories designer Brian Atwood. I found a few pics for you.


Look who’s sitting on top of Nate’s bookcases. I guess he likes angels.


A few of Brian Atwood’s accessories.



Can everyone give this room a hand?



Do you think Nate dreams about a helicopter landing on his chest?

Sources: Apartment Therapy and Elle Decor

You can see a little of Nate Berkus’ NYC apartment at US Magizine.

See how Nate Berkus transformed his 29-year-old sister Marni Golden’s one-room New York City apartment into a chic pad at Glamor Magazine.

Savoring Simplicity is now on Facebook. The FB link is in the sidebar.



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  1. December 28, 2012 7:17 am

    Nate…..OUCH!!! I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to check out your show….LOVED it, but the blonde lady who tells people how to save money….OUCH….yikes, etc~~~I guess being an SLP her voice is hard on the ole eardrums~~~could she possibly take her savings and get a BIT of voice therapy before appearing again? Just a tiny, cheap suggestion….actually, it’s free!!! LOVE the show otherwise!!! Thanks, Your neighborhood SLP!!!

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