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50 Gifts Under $50

December 1, 2010

I found 50 gifts under $50 at Southern Living.

Coffee Table Books
Stealing Magnolias: Tales from a New Orleans Courtyard, by Debra Shriver
Buy It: $37.80;

The Home Within Us: Romantic Houses, Evocative Rooms, by Bobby McAlpine
Buy It: $34.65;

Nest and Egg Large Bubble Bath No. 2

Luxurious chattering bubbles boast extract of Japanese green tea, hydrating avocado and olive oils and vitamin E.

Buy It: $36 each;

Verde Bath Salts and Olive Oil Soap

Harvested from the California coast and dried naturally by the sun, these bath salts impart valuable essential minerals to the bath to gently soften and cleanse skin. The handcrafted soaps combine moisturizing olive, palm and coconut oils with naturally-occurring glycerin.

Buy It: $24 for bath salts, $9 for soap;

Once Sapon a Time

“Once Sapon A Time” there was a trio of elegantly hand-wrapped soaps housed in a collectible tin that produced a rich, silky, lather. A rare and delightful find where Emporium Belladonna, White Hydrangea and Feijoa Lime fragrances create fairytale magic.

Buy It: $40 for 3; morcosmetics.comSee all fifty gifts at Southern Living


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