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Hang it up!

September 14, 2010

Country Home

A piece of salvaged millwork takes this entryway from clutter to order with little effort. This project reminds me of my very practical mother-in-law. She never threw anything away and found a use for almost everything.

She once used an old board with attached coat hooks for a similar purpose.  She mounted the board and hooks on the wall of her side porch. As people entered her kitchen, they removed their scarves and coats and placed them on the hooks.  They conveniently retrieved them on their leave.

My father-in-law’s blue and white striped railroad hat, hanging there as you entered the house, was a familiar and welcoming sight. Her idea is a little fancied up in this photo, but it’s still a practical solution for that unending clutter problem.

They’ve screwed two kitchen bars or towel bars (stainless steel here) into a piece of wooden architectural salvage, leaving a few inches between the bars. Simplicity and practicality shake hands in this project – one of my favorite combinations. Of course, we must run out and buy some charming straw hats now.


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