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Martha’s 50 Top Kitchen Tips

September 5, 2010

Oh, Martha! You make me sigh with your organizational skills and attention to the smallest details. We’re having a love hate relationship, Martha, but only one of us knows it. I’m a wannabee.

Martha Stewart published 50 of her top kitchen tips in this months Martha Stewart Living and you can find them here. The photos are proof of what we already knew about Martha. She gives incredible attention to details. As you would imagine, there’s a place for everything in Martha’s kitchen and everything is in its place. Well, why don’t you just take a look for yourself?


Open Shelving

Shelving in place of upper cabinets makes the room look lighter and airier. “I use everything in my kitchen regularly, and shelves make it all accessible,” Martha says. “These nearly reach the ceiling, putting underused space to work.” A combination of shelving and cabinets makes sense if you don’t want everything on display.

Shelving Supports

Martha considered every corner of her kitchen in Bedford, New York, right down to the shelving supports. “I like ‘bird’s beak’ supports, an old carpentry style with notches that let shelves slide in and out,” Martha says. No holes, no hardware — the look is streamlined.

Kitchen Islands

An island provides a central spot to work and eat.

Martha doubles the functionality and flexibility with a pair of marble-topped islands, one on wheels and one stationary.

Customized Storage

Decide what you want to keep in the islands, and plan the space accordingly. “Upright steel slats provide perfect spots for heavy baking sheets,” Martha says. She also has drawers for aprons and utensils; deep shelves for platters, books, and pet supplies; and small cubbies for towels and other items.
Kitchen Cutting Board

A large, white commercial cutting board sits on the marble countertop, so there’s always a place to chop, prepare food, or place a hot pot.
Zesters, Graters, and Peelers – OH, MY!
This is where my Martha-envy really kicks in. I can’t find anything in my utensil drawer. Utensil drawer is a generous description, believe me. It’s little more like a cluster of tangled clutter, with no rhyme or reason.

See all of Martha’s kitchens HERE.
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  1. September 5, 2010 10:26 pm

    I think I really covet that utensil drawer. I soo want to open my drawer and not have to spend 5 minutes sorting and sifting through things.

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