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Backyard Privacy

July 22, 2010

House to Home

How can we achieve privacy in our backyards? My neighbor planted a long row of Leyland cypresses all the way across her property line. Did she have privacy a few years later? Yes, she did, but being the pessimist I am, I always wonder what she will do when one Leyland dies and leaves a big gap between two mature trees. A young tree, try as it may, will never catch up.

In the photo above, the homeowners have created a peaceful retreat at the end of their garden by adding a small, decorative summer house. Notice the impressive wall behind the greenery. I love the dark color. I hate those fences that feel like fortresses, but this one has been nicely diminished not only by the darker color, but by the architecture of the summer house and the artfully layered plantings. Even the straight edges around the flowerbeds are softened by plantings. In fact, thoughtful care was taken to disguise all the straight lines in this garden, and the end product is soft and lovely and appears natural rather than contrived.  So, while we can’t exactly say no straight lines here, we can definitely take away a few good lessons about how to achieve privacy without screaming PRIVACY.

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