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Repurposing Ideas

May 1, 2010

Many of the things in our house are no longer used for their original purposes. I have a penchant for repurposing old and/or obsolete objects. Things are often not what they seem around here.

My husband’s parents never threw anything away. Never! They lived on a farm that was populated with a number of sheds. When something was broken beyond repair or had outlived it’s usefulness or just didn’t have a place in the house any longer… out to the shed. When the shed started to burst at the seams, they built another shed. There were about seven sheds to go through after they died.

You might ask, why did you bother to sift through all that? Why didn’t you just throw it all away? Because treasures were mixed in among the rubble. I would have lost sleep wondering if I had thrown out priceless World War II love letters or Great Grandma’s quilt. Wouldn’t you?

We brought many of these objects home, and much of the furniture we have today belonged to my in-laws and their grandparents. We like old things and enjoy knowing that previous generations once used them. We just use them in ways that make sense to us.

And speaking of repurposing. We were speaking about that, weren’t we? How about your shoe? Did you know your shoe can serve as a corkscrew?

And look at this repurposing idea. Do all of those unsightly cables drive you crazy? How about rain-gutters as a solution? Looky here if you’re interested in a unique way to clean up the mess, and you’ll find a few other repurposing ideas, too.

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