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Garlands and Swags! Oh, my!

December 8, 2009

crocheted ice-crystal garland

Looky here! Garlands galore! Among the most versatile of Christmas decorations.

They can be shiny or green or white or silver or colorful or long or short. They can swag in a doorway or droop in a window or hang straight along the wall or rest comfortably on a table top or mantel. They can smell wonderful or have no scent at all. They can be as simple as the lametta tinsel garland below or as labor intensive as the crocheted ice-crystal garland above.

Whatever they are or are not, they certainly do spruce (pun intended) up the house around the holidays. Get the link to directions for these garlands and more below.  Enjoy!

lametta tinsel

pinecone rosette garland

metallic swag garland

ribbon garland

card disk garland

Get the directions on how to make the garlands above and more at Martha Stewart.

rigging rope and starfish garland – Photo – Tria Giovan – Coastal Living

sweet gum seedpods garland My Home Ideas


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