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10 Interior Design Trends For 2009

January 5, 2009

What are the projected trends for 2009? From which corners of the earth will they come? What color palettes will grace our homes over the next decade? There are trend watchers whose business it is to let us in on the secrets. Point Click Home has compiled a group of trends for the coming year and probably decade. You’ll find ten of their selections below, but check out the entire group here.

TREND: Glacier
Icicles are a staple of the wintertime theme but these Dolce Villa Decoration designs are non-conformist in every way. Dangling from a porcelain white rim, these spindly icicles take “glacier” to its most modern edge.

TREND: Glacier
Hand-blown vases by Egizia in clear and polar white patterns read like snowflakes or a modern lace. Also available in clear, each vase can be transformed into a candleholder radiating flickering patterns of light.

TREND: Red and Orange Palette
Fire engine-red and flaming orange warm up the tabletop arena this season. Le Jacquard Français sets the table with spicy tones and zippy stripes in all shades with 100% cotton.

TREND: Modern Patchwork
These gorgeous silk pillows in red, plum, and pink by Asiatides have graphic punch that won’t take a back seat. There’s something nice about big pillows in attention-getting colors.

TREND: Mustard and Plum Palette
When it comes to fanciful dinnerware Porzellanmaufakur Reichenbach manages to combine the playful with the sublime. On these pistachio green serving plates edged in gold 3-d pincher bugs double as decoration and a clever handle. They stack beautifully with purple dinner plates and serving bowls.

TREND: Mustard and Plum Palette
Paisley may seem classic but this updated color combination seen at Bagnaresi Casa is fashion-forward and distinct. In this regal pattern, purple and yellow find their earthier hues.

TREND: Mustard and Plum Palette
These dark plum pillows by L’Opificio can be made to measure and customized in special color combinations and fabrics. Luxurious and refined these Italian beauties come in linen, velvet, silk, and brocade.

TREND: Caravan
A revival of interest in eastern European folk art has generated a wealth of new products at Asia Tides, including these graphic tea canisters in bold concentric vine patterns.

TREND: Caravan
Russian nesting dolls become cutting-edge décor in tinted glass by LSA International . Stack them up for a layered translucent effect. Pop Russian style is utterly cool in glass.

TREND: Caravan
At Becara, suzani patterns inspired by handcrafted coverlets from Uzbekistan are bursting into the limelight. Not for the pattern-shy, their upholstery on fabrics, rugs and pillows bring ethnic punch to home décor.

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