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Letting It All Hang Out

December 3, 2008

Exposed storage is all the rage today. Some of us are baring it all, and we’re proud of it. No longer required to be rustic, some of the sleekest looks are showing up in exposed storage. Long past being relegated to the mud room, garage and attic, we’ve moved it into our bedrooms, baths, and kitchens. Like an eccentric aunt, we’ve brought it into the open where all our friends can ooh and ah over its clever and unique attributes.

Letting it all hang out seems to say, “I have nothing to hide. Look at me.” It’s often the answer for those who live in small spaces, utilizing every inch of wall space for storage. Not only friendly but accessible, with everything at the tips of our fingers, we can easily find Grandmother’s holiday platter, or that seldom used esoteric spice.

Though open storage may be for every room now, it may not be for everyone. Perhaps the solution is to have some traditional cabinets in which to hide the less than attractive but necessary items, and some open storage for the more appealing paraphernalia. Something to think about.

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